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When developing this project, I began by thinking to myself: What would my world (as a descendent of Cuban exiles) look like if the Bay of Pigs Invasion would have been successful? From this question, I created the concept for a conference that would join together two generations of Cuban people, those that had lived in Cuba and those in my generation who identify as Cuban- American. Due to the fact that my generation is now going out into the work force and beginning to create families of our own, this conference would be dedicated to an open discussion concerning what the next move of the Cuban people will be. How should we raise our children to keep true to Cuban tradition? Should we go back to Cuba (if so, when)? What can we do for the people of Cuba as a generation of Cuban- Americans? 

El Guion

Packaging & Ad Design

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Inspired by the bright colors and unique culture of Cuba. This poster presents an eye-catching design that attracts both older and younger generations of Cuban people. 

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This app would be used in order to navigate the conference venue as well as keep track of the events throughout the weekend. It has been made easy to use and read by all age groups taking part in the conference.

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These are the books that I used to research the strategy used during the invasion and my notes from my many conversations with my grandfather. (Top Left)

Medallion given to the people who donated a certain amount of money in order to get the prisoners out of jail after the Bay of Pigs Invasion. (Top Right)

My family in Cuba before they left to Miami in the 60s. My grandfather is the young boy in the first row all the way to the right.  (Bottom Photo)

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