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The Theory is an album and tour concept created for GrandMaster Flash that would take place in the Bronx, New York. The tour would entail visiting different high schools in the area in order to give them a show that ties together Math and Science through the use of Hip Hop history. Grand Master flash often admits that he would be nowhere without his knowledge of math and science. This is because he believes that they were the foundation to his Quick Mix Theory. It was this theory that made him one of the three founders of hip hop and cemented his name in history forever. Teaming up with the South Bronx Educational Foundation, this tour would raise money to further education in this area. 

The Theory

Packaging & Ad Design

Vinyl Record front.jpg
Vinyl Record back.jpg

The Album design mimics an electrical blue print and highlights all of the parts of the turn table Grand Master Flash used in his theory to create his mixes.

Ad 1.jpg
ad 2.jpg
Hardcover Book MockUp.jpg

This book was designed to be used throughout the tour as a workbook to take notes in during the show/lecture and for future exploration of their creative abilities in their own time. 


These ads are eye catching and will appeal to the people listening to music on these sites as well as create another outlet for the South Bronx Educational Foundation to raise money. 


blueprint album.jpg
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